Simple and healthy snack =Tofu

30 Mar


I cut tofu in little pieces and sprinkle parsley and some sea salt. I eat this when I am hungry between meals.

Fruits are good but, sometime, i want something not sweet but blend.

it is great way to substitute when you are craving for bread.


My favorite way to make hot coco (aka: Happy soy coco)

30 Mar


( Happy soy coco )


You can enjoy hot coco without feel guilty want if you stick with my recipe.

It is got all natural healthy ingredients.

Super low calorie, No sugar and very little sodium and  fat from soy milk.

I hope this picture helps to get a right ingredients.

  • Hershey’s coco natural unsweetened
  • Irish black tea or English black tea bag
  • Pure Chinese white tea bag
  • Trader joe’s organic unsweetened soy milk
  • Trader joe’s coffee creamer(original)
  • Stevia

All of these stuff are healthy! This smart hot coco is probably the healthiest hot coco in the world.

Enjoy your Healthy 0g sugar, low carb and low fat coco!

Here is direction,

First, put your black tea bag and white tea bag together in your tea pot and boil it until it gets hot. Then, just pour the tea unto half of the cup. Put Hershey’s coco natural unsweetened and stir well. When it mixed up, put soy milk and coffee creamer and stevia.

You can drink happy christmas everyday.

Cinnamon Soy Grey Tea (Substitute for cinnamon vanilla latte)

28 Mar

(Substitute for cinnamon vanilla latte)

  • Caffeine Irish black tea(taste stronger than English breakfast tea)
  • Decaf grey tea
  • Coffee creamer (original) from trader joe’s or non-fat half & half
  • Soy milk
  • Stevia
  • Ground Cinnamon powder

It has enough caffeine as much as coffee. Use Irish black tea instead of English breakfast tea. It is more stronger so you are not going to feel like it’s too light. If you are coffee lover, try to use two bags to make even stronger. You can use decaf grey tea bag or regular grey tea bag, it is your choice

Boil hot water with you black tea bag and Grey tea bag. When it is hot, pour your hot tea into your cup. Cinnamon power is going in first. Spin well. Next, you should put soy milk and coffee creamer (original) or non-fat half & half. Sprinkle your stevia top of the tea.

You will just love it

Soy oatmeal that will make you full faster & longer

27 Mar

All my ingredient are simple and short. You will need

  • Old fashioned oat
  • Soy protein (Jarrow fermented soy essence)
  • Stevia

First, Make perfect oatmeal (look Mar,22 post)! then just mix up Soy protein and stevia. You measure yourself. Everybody have different taste.

This soy protein is low-fat, low sodium, low carb but high protein. It’s great way to feel your stomach!

It is up to you to adjust sweetness and thickness of oatmeal. Great for breakfast or afternoon snack. Yummy!!

My health bible!

26 Mar

(The kind diet)

I found this book at the public library few months ago. I was about half way though and I decided to just purchase it at the book store.

This book is just so amazing  I just want to keep at my place and look over whenever I need!  I adore Alicia silverstone!

This book is not for you if you are looking for low carb or low fat diet. I don’t believe that type of diet.

I rather eat in raw and blend taste healthy foods than unhealthy nasty low carb food. Also, I don’t waste my time to lay on bed and learn how to lose weight instead go to gym and exercise.

This book will tell you how you can be nice to your body.


25 Mar

This is my ten ways to control my hunger.

Here is Top 10♥

1. Drink hot tea or coffee

2. Burn Incense

3. Drink mint water

4. Get a fresh air

5. Practice Yoga

6. Eat garlic

7. Sing and dance

8. Play with my dog

9. Brush my teeth

10. Play instrument (guitar or piano whatever I can play)

Why do you do that for yourself?

24 Mar

Soda is bad for you but 100% natural orange juice is good for you.

Ice cream is bad for you but organic fruit is good for you.

Canned salmon is bad for you but local market salmon is good for you.

Greasy Alfredo sauce is bad for you but organic natural tomato sauce is healthy option.

When you get a facial mask product from mall, there will be chemical  because, they have to stock in the store until they sell it.

We want to relax our face from all toxic and air pollution. Give a little break for your face at least once a week. Don’t put extra chemical on your face.

It is very easy. You can just put regular yogurt on face or avocado or banana whatever.

I have oily skin. Personally I love to use organic french green clay. I purchased online because i don’t know where to buy around my house.

Be nice to yourself.  Do not use any chemical